Planning a new product?
Need to know what your
customers want or think? 

Competition in today’s market is tough. It takes the right tools and information to get an edge. That’s where Newton Marketing & Research can help.

Newton Marketing & Research is a market research company specializing in media usage, consumer behavior and product feasibility. Newton Research is a full service company that conducts every step of the research project... from questionnaire design and interviewing through analysis and personal presentation of the survey results.

Every project that we undertake is customized for the market and informational needs of the client.

  • If you need current information on the viewing, web surfing, reading, shopping habits and behavior of consumers, Newton Research can help.
  • If you need a larger share of the advertising dollars in your market, Newton Research can customize a survey that gives marketers the best reasons to advertise with you.
  • If you need to update or better understand what’s on the minds of your customers, Newton Research can design a survey to uncover their perceptions and attitudes.

You get professional and objective analysis from
Newton Marketing & Research. And, we provide the types and variety
of information you can effectively use.

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